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Cast Iron Kettlebells

Cast Iron Kettlebells

Body Revolution


  • Heavy Duty Solid Cast Iron Core.
  • Choose Between 2kg - 28kg Weighted Kettlebells.
  • Large Handle Grips & Flat Base.
  • Total Body Workout.
  • Built to Develop Grip, Stability and Control.


Kettlebell training uses complex compound, functional movements that recruit major muscle groups, ideal for improving core strength and stability. Perfect for activities such as crossfit and circuit training.

Ideal for combatting this as the workouts and exercise routines are high in intensity, developing speed, strength and cardiovascular endurance, providing maximum weight loss results with short blasts.

Designed to improve grip, stability and control throughout a range of moves and exercises. The kettlebells are built with the weight off-centre to develop more controlled muscle movement.

Allowing for a more compact kettlebell which is perfect for movements that need some space such as the kettlebell swing, clean and snatch as well as Turkish get ups.

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