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Fractional Bumper Plates

Fractional Bumper Plates

Body Revolution


These durable and versatile Fractional Olympic bumper plates are ideal for a wide strength training exercises and cross-fit programs. 
  • Solid rubber Olympic bumper plates can be used for a wide range of exercises with or without an Olympic bar
  • Designed for 2" 50mm Olympic bars, EZ, Hammer Curl and Hex bars
  • Steel inserts for durability and smooth loading and unloading of bars
  • Solid Rubber Plates provides better grip and comfort. Load bars safely
  • Durable finish avoids floor damage and reduces noise

These durable and stylishly crafted Olympic Bumper Plates from Body Revolution are expertly designed to provide exceptional performance. The high quality cast iron and rubber coating design ensures extreme durability and quality. The Body Revolution Olympic Bumper Plates are available in 0.5KG - 2.5KG  providing you with a that extra weight to increase that strength when needed . Get strong and fit and stay that way with the Body Revolution Cast Iron Weight Plates. Barbells and dumbbells are extremely versatile and can be used to perform compound movements and isolated movements for any part of the bod. Perfect for weight loss, fitness and muscle building you can build your ideal physique at home, boosting your confidence, mood and your health!

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