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The Body Revolution Exercise & Gym Floor Mat

Exercise & Gym Floor Mat

Body Revolution

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Exercise mats are ideal for a variety of different floor based routines either at the gym or in the comfort of your own home. The Body Revolution Exercise & Gym Floor Mat gives additional grip to the user during core strengthening workouts, yoga and pilates due to its textured surface. The Exercise Mat is also built with an 8mm thick foam padded composition to provide extra comfort and support, enabling you to continue your workouts for longer.

Another Major function of The Body Revolution Exercise & Gym Floor Mat is to reduce the spread of bacteria through sweat. This is particularly ideal if your workouts are mostly gym or class based, as it will prevent you from needing to use shared floormats, preventing illness and bacterial contamination. The Body Revolution Exercise & Gym Floor Mat is designed with a built in carry strap to make it much easier to transport to the gym.

The Body Revolution Exercise & Gym Floor Mat also comes with 12 exercise movements printed on the upper surface, giving a range of ideas for different movements targeting all areas of the body, making it perfect for beginners and seasoned exercise enthusiasts alike.
  • Durable Foam Exercise Mat, Ideal for Core Strengthening Bodyweight Exercises and Stretch Routines
  • Designed with a textured upper surface for improved grip and stability during workout routines. 
  • Features 12x Exercise Pictures on the upper surface for a full workout regime.
  • 8cm Thick Foam Padding for extra comfort and support
  • Carry Handle Included
  • Dimensions: 177 x 60 x 0.8 cm

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