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Weight Bench with 6 Adjustable Positions

Body Revolution

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  •  VERSATILE ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT LIFTING BENCH WITH 6 INCLINE AND DECLINE POSITIONS – The Body Revolution Weights Bench is fully adjustable for a versatile workout that engages different muscles and movement patterns during the barbell chest press and shoulder exercises. The weight bench is a great addition to any homeym set up. 

  • PADDED DESIGN TO MAXIMISE COMFORT WITHOUT IMPEDING PERFORMANCE – Constructed using internal EVA Foam padding, the bench is subtly cushioned to optimise comfort and performance.

  • SPACE SAVING FOLDING HOME STORAGE SOLUTION – Designed with the home gym in mind, the weight bench has been designed with a collapsible fold away feature for easy and simply storage and efficient installation.

  • DRY WIPE SURFACE – The Weight Bench can be cleaned effectively using dry wipe technology for hygienic storage.

  • BUILT IN WHEELS FOR EASE OF MOVEMENT – Designed for versatility, the bench includes wheels on the main base to allow users to move the bench easily for different positions within the room.  

 Product description

Take Your Training Anywhere with Body Revolution Gym and Exercise Equipment 

Here at Body Revolution, we understand that going to the gym can result in lost time, which in the modern world results in lost opportunities. Which is why we specialise in designing and manufacturing gym-grade, performance enhancing strength training and fitness gear and equipment that can be used in all manner of locations for more versatile fitness and exercise options. 

Highly Durable Construction Quality at the Heart of Our Design Processes 
We believe in providing high quality, durable products to help you reach your fitness goals…and then some. Our products are designed with heavy duty materials ideal for repetitive, high velocity usage, giving you the confidence to give that extra 110% with every workout

Body Revolution Adjustable Weight Bench 


  • Adjustable Weightlifting Gym Bench
  • 6 Incline and Decline Positions
  • Collapsible FoldableStorage Design
  • Padded EVA Foam Cushioning
  • Dry Wife Surface
  • Non-Slip Feet
  • Built in Wheels for Easy Transportation
  • Free Shipping to Mainland UK

So Get Your Order in Now and Never Skip a Workout Again!

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