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Olympic Hammer Curl Barbell with 2" Spring Collars

Olympic Hammer Curl Barbell with 2" Spring Collars



  • DESIGNED TO IMPROVE STABILITY AND CONTROL DURING TRICEP AND BICEP CURLS - The handle design of the tricep barbell provides a more neutral pronation during tricep and bicep curls, allowing for a more controlled grip and added stability during weight lifting workouts. The angle of the handles engages the wrists and forearms for a total arm workout as part of a varied training programme.


  • BUILDS STRONGER ARMS THROUGH THE RECRUITMENT OF ALTERNATIVE MUSCLE GROUPS - The angle of the handles on the tricep bar activate the brachialis in conjunction with the biceps and triceps to build stronger and bigger arms. The barbell also offers a close grip for bench/chest press exercises, emphasising further engagement of the triceps.


  • TEXTURED HANDLES FOR GREATER GRIP STABILITY - The tricep weights bar comes equipped with cambered handles constructed with heavy duty solid steel to provide a greater level of grip to help improve stability and control during heavy lifts.


  • ROTATING SLEEVES TO PREVENT REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY - Built with brash bushings, the sleeves are designed to rotate during repetitive motions, reducing torque to prevent injury and strain on the wrists during explosive exercises as well as providing a greater level of control and stability during weightlifting.


  • SPRING COLLARS INCLUDED - The tricep & hammer curl barbell includes 2 x 2 Inch Olympic spring collar locking accessories for fast, easy and secure weight plate changes.



  • Ergonomic Handle Design for Natural Curls
  • Heavy Duty Chrome Stainless Steel
  • Brass Bushing Rotating Sleeves
  • Textured Handles for Increased Grip
  • 2 x Olympic 2 Inch Spring Collars Included
  • Bar Weight: 10kg
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 250kg Approx.
  • Free Shipping to Mainland UK

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