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4ft Olympic Bar

4ft Olympic Bar

Body Revolution


  • BUILT TO WITHSTAND EXPLOSIVE & REPETITIVE OLYMPIC LIFTS – The Olympic bar is built from a heavy duty solid chrome steel compound, designed for maximum durability to survive against some of the most hardened lifters out there.


  • OLYMPIC BAR BUILT FOR MAXIMUM STRENGTH – The Straight Olympic barbell is compatible with 2 inch weights. Olympic bars are built for maximal weight loading capacity, allowing for continuous powerlifting progression and impressive strength gains.


  • TEXTURED HANDLES FOR GREATER GRIP STABILITY – The Olympic weight lifting barbell comes equipped with cambered handles to provide a greater level of grip to help improve control during heavy lifts and movements such as the deadlift, press or front squat.


  • ROTATING SLEEVES TO PREVENT REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY - Built with brash bushings, the sleeves are designed to rotate during repetitive motions such as bicep curls or tricep extensions, reducing torque to prevent injury and strain on the wrists during explosive exercises as well as providing a greater level of control and stability during weightlifting workouts.


  • VARIOUS BAR LENGTHS AVAILABLE – The Body Revolution Olympic Barbell is Available in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 7ft options (Sold Separately).



Product Description

4ft Olympic Bar

We have built an extensive range of barbell and dumbbell sets designed with standard and Olympic compatibility options, ideal for users who simply to wish to improve strength and conditioning as well as those who wish to pile on the plates and push their training to the limits

These Olympic bars are ideal for bench pressing, squatting and deadlifting plates with 2 inch diameter hole.

Made from heavy duty solid chrome steel, with freely rotating plate sleeves and brass bushings

Maximum load capacity of 250kg

Come with 2 spring collar clamps 

Bar weight: 8kg

Bar length: 4ft

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