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Pull Up Bar Door Gym

Pull Up Bar Door Gym

Body Revolution


  • Versatile Multi Grip Pull Up Bar.
  • Heavy Duty, Removable Doorway Mounted Design.
  • Quick & Easy Installation.
  • Time Saving Equipment.
  • Dimensions: 112.5 X 26.5 X 5.5cm


The multi grip pull up station allows users to adjust grips in a wide variety of different angles to focus on targeting specific areas of the upper body such as the core, shoulders, arms (biceps & triceps) and chest muscles.

The bar can also be flipped over and used on the floor as a push up bar and tricep dip station, making it an ideal piece of fitness equipment for the ultimate upper body weight workout.

Built with a heavy duty steel construction, the pull up bar uses an over the door frame hanging type fitting, mountable in any doorway within the home or gym, such as the basement or garage.

The pull up bar is supplied with screws to lock and mount the bar to the door frame for additional security and peace of mind but at the same time it is easily and simply removable and fully portable for use indoors or outdoors.

The wide spanning design enables wide angled grips to target upper back muscles and shoulders.

Created for those quick workouts when the gym isn't a possibility, these are an effective solution to those busy days, with full body workout potential.

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