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Body Revolution 4ft Standard Barbell with Spring Collars

4ft Standard Barbell with Spring Collars

Body Revolution



  • Compatible with 1 Inch / 25mm Standard Weight Plates
  • Chrome Sold Steel Construction
  • Textured Secure Handle Grips
  • 2 x Spring Collars Included
  • Length: 1.2m / 4ft
  • Bar Weight: 5kg
  • Weight Load Capacity: 120kg Max.
  • Suitable for Home and Commercial Gym Use


Fine tune your bench press and deadlift technique at home with the 1.2m straight barbell. Built from solid chrome steel, the barbell is sturdy and strong for most home workouts. 

Unlike 2 Inch Olympic barbells, which are built for out-and-out strength, power and weightlifting performance, standard 1 inch bars are designed to support functional strength & conditioning as part of a wider programme for athletes such as runners & cyclists etc. 

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