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Stackable Soft Plyometric Box Set

Stackable Soft Plyometric Box Set

Body Revolution


  • 4 DIFFERENT SIZED BOXES FOR PROGRESSIVE PLYOMETRIC PROGRAMMES – Each Plyometric box has a different jump height, allowing users to progress their training over time and vary training tailored for specific needs. The heights range from 15cm (Green), 30cm (Blue), 45cm (Red) and 60cm (Black)


  • STACKABLE BOXES FOR MAXIMUM HEIGHT GAIN – Each box can be stacked on top of each other to create even more customisation and variability to training demands, allowing for highly tuned plyometric training that develops speed, strength and power for sports involving high impact jumping such as running, basketball, tennis and football.


  • VELCRO STRAPPING AND BUILT IN HANDLES FOR SECURE HANDLING – Each plyometric jump box has a strong Velcro strap that secures the boxes together to ensure the boxes do not separate during use.


  • HIGH DENSITY EVA FOAM CONSTRUCTION – Each soft plyometric box is built from a high-density EVA foam, providing a solid and secure base that reduces impact injury for any mistimed jumps. The soft padded landing platform also reduces impact shock to help protect joints and prevent injuries.


  • WIDE BASE FOR ADDITIONAL STABILITY – The plyometric boxes are built with a wide base, providing a larger surface area to add stability and reduce movement upon landing.



  • 4 Different Heights Available
  • Stackable Plyo Boxes
  • Velcro Straps to Secure Stack
  • Built in Handles
  • Sizes Available: 15cm (Green), 30cm (Blue), 45cm (Red) and 60cm (Black) (
  • Total Height of Full Stack: 150cm
  • Free Shipping to Mainland UK

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