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Rubber Tri Grip Weight Plates (Colour)

Rubber Tri Grip Weight Plates (Colour)

Body Revolution


  • Heavy Duty Olympic Weight Plates for Long Lasting Durability.
  • Ergonomically Enhanced Tri-grip Handles to Maximise Comfort and Control.
  • 2 Inch (50 mm) Olympic Compatibility Bore Hole Designed for use with Olympic Barbells.
  • Solid Cast Iron Metal Core Encased in a Heavy-Duty Rubber.
  • Colour Coded Plates According to IWF Standards. 1.25kg up to 25kg Weight Plates Available.


The rubber coating protects both the plates and the floor meaning these are ideal for use in all sorts of environments.

Expertly designed for durability and high performance. Built from solid cast iron metal, these free weights plates can withstand highly repetitive usage, enabling you to train harder for longer.

Featuring 3 handles built into the edges of the plate, enabling users to perform a range of compound and isolated movements without a barbell or dumbbell, improving stability and control as well as overall strength and fitness.

The tri grip weight plates feature a 2” / 50mm hole designed for use with Olympic style barbells, dumbbells and EZ curl bars.

Each handle is designed with ergonomically enhanced finger grips, enabling users to gain control and stability when lifting.


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